Monetize Your Personality

Let’s design a brand that makes you money... being you — without adding more to your schedule



I’m Tashawna. With more than 10 years of experience in fashion, branding and business, my goal is to help others design the brand and lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

I offer on-demand brand management and brand imaging services for business women just like you, who want to live a life of influence and impact now but just don’t know how to monetize it. True story: clients cried (tears of joy) when I revealed their brand's new marketing strategies to increase their sales or engagement, and I loved every minute of it!

Let me help you create a well-designed branding blueprint that will increase your sales, create more time with your family, and proudly welcome your tribe.


Why Choose Me

Finding Your Style

I took the time to design an interactive framework to listen, discover, and understand your brand's style you truly love. I’m not here to push my idea of your brand onto you.

Business Transparency

I share with you the know how and best practices behind the business veil to maximize your business with less time and all the costs you should expect when investing in your business—no hidden fees or tricks.

Savings on Learning

My close coaching and fashion relationships ensure you get unique trainings, looks, and masterclasses for your brand at discounted prices, which you won’t see in other courses or programs.

How We Work



We’ll start with an AI-enabled branding session and/or a virtual in-person strategy session. You’ll share your brand's personality and style with me, our expectations working together, and your business goals.

Blueprint & Strategy Session

This step involves going over your initial brand blueprint and strategies to help you grow your brand. I’ll provide you with three areas of opportunities for your brand to generate leads, increase engagement, and make more sales. This strategy session is $350 (nonrefundable), which is applied to your service if you decide to move forward.

Launch | Go Live

Once you approve the blueprint, We’ll start working with you to develop your brand over the next 4-6 weeks. You’ll receive portfolio of branding assets for social media and a personalized 12 month strategy to grow your brand. Once you launch or go live, you have access to our brand team for the next 2 weeks to answer any brand and style questions.

Monetize | Grow | Scale

After 4 weeks from your brand launch, I’ll invite you to schedule a strategy call to review your brand's progress and strategy.

All I can say is “Amazing!" Tashawna, assisted me with my event a couple months ago and she was there to help in anyway she could!

She was a life saver with her organization and people skills. I recommend you join forces with her anyway to take you to the next level with your business.

Priscilla, Camp Catwalk